What’s under all the paint?

Eastlake hardware

Look what I found under all the paint!

These are beautiful Eastlake window locks & pulls, door hinges, and a closet lock. What I don’t understand is, who would paint over these beautiful pieces of hardware?!

I’m betting that other houses in the Phoenixville area have similar hardware – so take the time to peel away the layers… you won’t regret it!

Here’s how I removed the paint:

Easy – throw it in a crock pot filled with water and a tablespoon of cascade and let it simmer on the low setting for approx. 4 or 5 hours (don’t let it simmer too long, the cascade can be abrasive). Take them out one-by-one and remove the layers of paint. The paint peels off really easily. You can use a toothbrush or dental tools to get in the grooves or detail areas. Once done, make sure to rinse them off thoroughly and dry them completely so they don’t rust. I like to rub on a thin coat of Penetrol to condition the metal.

If you can re-use the screws, they can also be thrown in the pot, otherwise, try to match the beautiful bronze patina so they aren’t too glaringly bright.

-submitted by L. C. (Phoenixville Borough)

Eastlake hardware Eastlake hardware

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