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Our next quarterly meeting will be held on June 20, 2018, at 7:30 pm, at the Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust Co., 564 Nutt Road, Phoenixville, PA  19460. Light refreshments are served following the quarterly meetings.  The meetings are FREE and they are open to Society members and the general public. 

Our speaker will be Mike Bertram who will present a program about deed history with an interactive map of historic Charlestown, which includes what is now Schuylkill Township and Phoenixville Borough. He has previously done an interactive deed map of Tredyffrin Township and Easttown Township. 

The first part of his talk will cover deed history research about the early history of Pennsylvania and the creation of Charlestown Township.  The second half will be an interactive demonstration of maps showing Charlestown properties and buildings at various times in the 1700s.  

Please click here to view a list of past Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area meeting speakers.


The current Special Exhibit opened on March 9, 2018.  The topic is: "The Greater Good: The History of Community Organizations Giving Back to Phoenixville".  This Special Exhibit will run through June of 2018.  Of special note is that this is the 20th Anniversary year for the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation.  PCHF has assisted many community organizations including the Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area.  Please click here to link to the web site of the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation.   



Please click here to view a page with the past posters of recent Museum Special Exhibits.



The Society will host a walking tour of the Spring City Armory on Thursday, April 26, 2018, starting at 1 pm.  Tom McCabe will be the tour guide.  He will show a film and then conduct the tour.  The Spring City Armory has a nice collection of the 11th Reserve Regiment formerly Company B from Phoenixville.  Their collection includes items obtained from WW I through the Korean War.  Since there is a limited number of possible attendees, please contact the Society if you are interested in joining the walk.



The Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area (HSPA) welcomes and appreciates monetary donations.  The Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area is a 501(c)(3) PA non-profit corporation and all donations should be tax exempt although we suggest that you consult with your financial advisers about the tax implications of any gift.  Please note that some employers and organizations will make matching contributions.

Please click here to visit a page in this web site about donations and planned giving to the Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area.


The Society also seeks donations of historical artifacts, photographs, yearbooks, majolica, and materials related to the history of Phoenixville and the surrounding area. Those interested in making a donation should contact the Society.   A donation form must accompany all such donations.  Please click here to download a copy of the Donation Form.


Museum Hours 

The Museum is free and open all year to the public (except on holidays or when the Phoenixville schools are closed for inclement weather) on Wednesdays and Fridays between 9 am and 3 pm and the first Sunday of each month between 1 pm and 4 pm.  Starting in April of 2018, the Museum and Archives will both be open from 12 pm to 2 pm on the first Saturday of each month. The Society can also be open by special appointment.

The Society's hours on First Fridays in Phoenixville from April through November as well as the first Friday of December through March is also from 6 pm to 9 pm.  Please note that the Archives section is not open on Friday evenings. 

The entrance to the Museum is on Church Street and it is handicap accessible.

Museum Information 

Please click here to link to a page in this web site about our Museum.  The Society has information about local genealogy, history, old local newspapers on microfilm and CDs, information as well as an extensive collection of old photographs of Phoenix Iron Co., old buildings and homes, people, and Phoenixville, yearbooks from Phoenixville High School, many historical artifacts, a Phoenix Steel Column, and over 300 pieces of Etruscan Majolica. 

The Museum has an interesting collection on display of Griffen, Smith & Hill Etruscan Majolica.  Etruscan Majolica was made in Phoenixville from 1879 to 1890 when a fire destroyed the plant.





Our quarterly meetings are held in March, June, September, and December on a Wednesday evening starting at 7:30 pm.  Our annual dinner meeting is held in September.  All meetings are free and open to Society members and their friends as well as to the general public.  We have guest speakers at our meetings.  Lite refreshments are served after the quarterly meetings.

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Our newsletter is published quarterly and contains articles of local historical interest as well as news of the Society's activities, membership, and local events.  Please click here to view a list of past Society newsletters.


Members of the Society

Members receive a newsletter and may conduct free research at the Society library and museum and obtain a discount on purchases of old maps, photographs, books, and historical items.  In addition, members may attend special members only events, sales, and talks.


Pictures, Postcards & Items For Sale  

The Society has for sale at reasonable prices old photos, old local maps, books about the area and history such as the Civil War, ceramic tiles with local historical drawings on them, old calendars with pictures of local buildings and scenes, and artifacts of local historical interest.  Please contact the Society for all details.

Below are the jackets of two new series of Postcards created from the Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area's most iconic photos and pictures of some of our Majolica. The postcards are priced at $1 each and $10 for a complete set of 12 Postcards. Postcards may be purchased at our bookstore or by mail. Please add $4.99 for mail purchases for shipping and handling.  





Charters of Freedom

Please click here to link to the National Archive's web site that contains a copy of the Declaration of Independence, the original U. S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Please click here to link to the web site of the National Archives that has a copy of all of the amendments to the U. S. Constitution that also includes the ratification date of the amendments.


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area is to identify, collect, preserve, interpret, and disseminate materials and information pertaining to Phoenixville area history in order to assist and educate the public in understanding and appreciating their Phoenixville area heritage and how it relates to their lives.


Please click here to view a Legal Notice about the Society.


You may follow the Society on Facebook.  Please click to link to our Facebook site.  You may also follow the Society on Twitter at hashtag @HisSocPville.  You may click to link to Phoenixville.Patch.com that is a local web site about Phoenixville news, events, meetings, and community announcements. 



Looking West on Bridge Street in the 1950s


A 1914 post card of the Phoenix Iron Co. along the French Creek.


A 1960s aerial photo of Phoenixville, PA


A 2012 photo of a gear from Phoenix Steel Co. near the Foundry Building.  The near bridge in the background is over the French Creek.  It is made with Phoenix Columns.


A 2012 photo of the French Creek and Dam near the Foundry Building.



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